Day 350, walk, London

Sunday, 11/17/2019

For coffee this morning I decided to emulate Dennis’ good example, and walked the 1.7 miles from CH to the coffee shop in Midtown. Wimped out and took a Lyft back, though.

Then with no small amount of nervousness, I booked the flight and hotel for a London holiday. I will fly on Sunday 9 Feb, departing SFO at 5pm. I’ll probably go there directly from Maples after the noon SWBB game. I opted to spend a bit and booked Virgin “Premium” seating both ways, two steps up from economy, one step down from Luxury or whatever they call it. Arrive in London around noon Monday 10 Feb. Depart LHR at 4:30pm on Thursday 20 Feb.

Later in the day I booked a seat at a musical, & Juliet, for the Wednesday night, and a seat at a concert at St. Martin-in-the-Fields for the Saturday night. I figure to book several more things, but that’s quite enough for one day.

Al Moon, a well-known and liked resident, is celebrating his 90th birthday today (somebody told me the other day CH has quite a number of 90+ people, dozens?). He booked the auditorium for a sing-along, to be followed by ice cream on the 11th. I bailed from the sing-along, I just couldn’t stand the sentimental song selection, badly sung.


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