Day 347, Monterey, party

Thursday, 11/14/2019

Today is the day to transfer to Monterey for Denise’s wedding festivities. I depart about 10:30 for the 90-mile drive, arriving at our fairly posh hotel at 12:30. My room is pleasant, with an amazing surplus of pillows, I think it’s five per bed.

I meet Dennis for a drink in the bar and a chat in the middle of the afternoon. At 4pm a pre-dinner crowd begins to gather in the hospitality parlor off Denise’s suite. Lots of people I’ve seen at various family occasions, lots of people from the groom’s family that I’d never met before. Small room, loud conversations.

At 5:30 we move on to a restaurant for what is nominally the rehearsal dinner, although most of us didn’t attend the rehearsal. Here’s the bride, the groom, and the groom’s father.


Partly shown, the hair of Judge Loftus who is a long-time family friend and will perform the ceremony. Fully cropped out, the father of the bride, as his face was in shadow.

Back to the hotel by 8 and early to bed.



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