Day 322, senior moments

Sunday, 10/20/2019

Had a pleasant coffee at Verve. Did a bit of reading, and then, on the general principle of GTFO of the house, decided to drive to the City and walk around some bit of Golden Gate Park and maybe take a picture or two. Took the camera and went.

Note that at no point did I consult my Google calendar. I just assumed this Sunday was unscheduled, as usual.

On the way into the city I missed a turn onto Sunset Blvd and in reversing course, noticed a skinny green patch on the GPS map and decided to investigate. It turned out to be Pine Lake Park, a westerly extension of Stern Grove. It’s a deep, steep ravine in the middle of the city, with a little lake at the bottom. I had no idea it was there. Lots of people playing with their dogs.

On to GGP. It was now nearly 1pm, which is of course the absolute worst time to try to visit the park on a Sunday. Every legal parking space on the park roads was taken. I stopped by a lake with a nice reflection of yellow leaves and took pictures of mallards. I found a spot near Stow Lake (which should really be called Stow Giant Bowl of Algae Soup) and walked around a bit. Then headed home via Skyline drive and 280.

Back to C.H. in comfortable time for a 4pm concert of classical piano music. I was waiting for that to start when I happened to open the calendar app to check on tomorrow and realized, with a nasty shock, that 4pm was exactly when the Boogie Woogie Piano fest was starting at SF Jazz. I had a ticket for that! I ought to have left for the City to attend that, around 2pm.

I really feel bad about this, for wasting the ticket money, for missing an event I had really wanted to attend, and in general for being such a lame doofus as not to check my calendar a day ahead.

There’s a lot happening tomorrow, and I spent some time planning the logistics for that.


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