Day 313, phone fix, skin check

Friday, 10/11/2019

Went for a run, the first in about 3 weeks. First impression out the door: whoa, fall is here! The temperature was around 60º but felt quite chilly in my shorts and t-shirt. Back to the room for a warm shower.

Headed out in the car in time to catch the iPhone fixer when he opened at 10. There are several hole-in-the-wall iPhone places nearby, Smart Repair is close by, on University Ave, but I have been going to Fast Repair, on El Camino near California Ave. I was there earlier this year to get the battery replaced. This time I noticed his shop now has signs, “Apple Authorized Repairs.” I’d heard that Apple had loosened its former policies about third-party repairers. Anyway, a new front glass for my iPhone 7 costs $160.

Leaving the phone, I went to Town and Country and parked conveniently close to PAMF, where at 11am I was due for a dermatology skin check. I passed the time at Peet’s, then walked to the derm. dept. While waiting to be called I got the email from Fast Repair that the phone was ready.

My skin is mostly fine, one little thing to freeze on the tip of my ear, but there’s a little node on my left upper eyelid–to me it looks like a whitehead, maybe an infected lash?–but the doctor wanted it biopsied, and that has to be done by an opthalmic surgeon. So he referred me for that, and later in the day I got a call and made an appointment for that on Monday.

Back home, after parking the car, I heard another resident trying to start her car from what sounded obviously like a near-dead battery. Been there, done that, just yesterday. I talked her through what she’d have to do. Maybe I should carry jumper cables? I could have done a jump start, instead of referring her to AAA. Nah, when is that going to happen again?

In the afternoon was the monthly TGIF party on the 11th floor, this time sponsored by the 7th floor. They had a wine tasting and lots of snacks. I chatted with a couple of people, ate a lot of snacks, and didn’t feel like supper. So afterward I watched a whole lot of backed-up TV, determined to stay up past 11 so as to get my sleep schedule back to normal.



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