Day 300, To Mykonos

Saturday, 9/28/2019

The phone made a single tentative “kerbloop?” noise at 5am and that was the wakeup call, but it was enough. Did indeed have my bag out at 5:10, and as scheduled we were on the bus at 6am for the 20-minute drive through predawn darkness to Piraeus to board the Blue Star ferry.

9-28 boarding

It was a large ferry, with several decks, more than one bar, and large comfortable assigned seats inside. The ride on the calm, deep-blue Adriatic under brilliant sun was about five hours long. I spent some time on two different large, roofed decks with chairs and tables open to the breeze, most occupied by Greeks having cheerful conversations and smoking (lots of second-hand smoke); and some time in my assigned armchair reading a book on my phone. Eventually we reached Mykonos where we picked up our bags and Anastasia led us to our bus past an extremely large cruise boat.

9-28 rolling

The bus driver exercised amazing skill driving a large coach through extremely narrow twisting streets to our restaurant for lunch. Quite a nice place and a good meal. Also, squid.

9-28 squid

Squid aside, this is pretty much what all of Mykonos looks like: very dry barren dirt, no trees, brilliant sun, blue water, lots of little white buildings. From lunch our coach took us to our hotel which is actually a five-star and very posh one. Really, really fancy. Here’s the view from my balcony.

9-28 posh

We are at liberty until 6pm and… oh my gosh it is 6:09 and the phone is ringing! I held up the whole group and I am so embarrassed!

We all hopped on the coach and were trucked around to the opposite end of the town, the North end where the ferry dock is, and let off to walk through the tiny streets of the town. Mykonos is almost totally a resort; Anastasia says there are almost no farmers, fishermen, or other “ordinary” people living here. Everyone works in retail, hotel, or restaurants to service the constant flow of tourists. The town center is basically a big mall formed of a maze of tiny winding streets. Just the same it is photogenic as all get-out, especially tonight because we were just at the golden hour fading to an orange sunset. Instead of the relatively tedious process of getting WordPress to display pictures, I will point to a Smugmug gallery of unedited images.

After walking all the way through the center of town north to south, we turned around and went back along the waterfront south to north, ending at a restaurant for supper. This process was slowed a bit when one of the group tripped on rough cobbles and fell, hitting hard enough that she got a bit of an abrasion above one eye, and needed a while to recover. Frankly I’m surprised it took this long for someone to fall. The sidewalks in the Plaka, the entire top of the Acropolis, and every foot of road in Mykonos, are a minefield of irregular pavement, sudden steps, cobbles, lumps, intrusive curbs.

Anyway, back to the hotel. Tomorrow we start at a civilized 9am to visit the famous archaeologic site on the nearby island of Delos.


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