Day 259, visitors, house concert

Sunday, 8/18/2019

Coffee this Sunday was back at the café in Midtown. Part of cleaning up for the visitors coming, I needed to take some stuff down to the garage, so for fun took the car out to the old coffee place.

Back at home I fiddled around until finally Joanne texted they were ten minutes out, and went down to the lobby to meet them. Joanne and Brad and their daughter Sierra had visited me in January, Day 26, when I gave them some of Marian’s clothes. Now they are passing through on a vacation trip, in a rental Mustang convertible, nice choice guys.

Joanne is a sweetheart, great fun to talk to. We toured Channing House, sat for a few minutes in my unit deciding where to lunch, then went out and had lunch. They proceeded on toward Santa Cruz with the top down.

I had a couple of hours to pass then before I drove to Berkeley for a house concert. This one featured The Quitters, two musicians I’ve heard in several house concerts over the years. Glenn Houston is a wonderful guitarist, and sat almost knee to knee with him.

IMG_3889That was my chair, bottom center in the picture. House concerts are great.

I had actually signed up for a house concert on last Friday night and only remembered that when it was too late to start for it. It was in Oakland and on a Friday night one really should start about 2 or 3pm to have time for a restaurant meal before a 7:30pm concert. So I gave that one a miss.

From this one, a Sunday afternoon, there were only a few slow-downs going up 880 and the trip took less than an hour. Starting home at 9:30pm, however, I unwisely opted to keep right as I came out of Berkeley, over the Bay Bridge and down 101. That was 10mph from the middle of the bridge to the south City limit — on Sunday, at 10pm, is it ever clear? — and then around Whipple Ave CalTrans had decided to close the center lanes of 101 for construction, so it was 10-20mph for several miles more. I got in about 11:15.

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