Day 251, clothes, docent, realty

Saturday, 8/10/2019

Wrote the check to pay off Paul the floor guy and mailed it.. Drove next to the Target across the freeway. Why? Because according to the Rogue Brewing website, I can get their Dead Guy Ale (nominated by me as the best beer made on the West Coast) at that store. I’ve found it before at my usual grocery, but the last half-dozen times I’ve looked, they didn’t have it. I don’t drink but about one beer a week, so I wanted to stock the good stuff, and by golly they did have it.

Then went to Jacquie’s Sew and Sew to pick up my modified blazer and trousers. See below for pics. On to the Museum to lead the 12pm tour. From there I drove to the grocery to pick up some no-cal drinks. From that parking lot I could walk to the FOPAL building to see how the sale was going. Quite a few books were already gone from the Computer section. Strangely, somebody had taken it upon themselves to move some books to different areas. I have the section arranged by topics, and somebody had shuffled books from one topic to another shelf. And inserted a bunch of books that were not at all computer-related. Why? No idea.

Back home, I got a call from Bill, who wanted to take a picture of me for the newsletter article that Helene wrote. I said sure, come on up; and then spent the next three minutes rapidly changing my shirt, picking up and tidying the living room, etc. Bill is clearly an experienced photographer (later somebody told me he was formerly a photog for a newspaper) and took a number of shots against different backgrounds and different lighting.

Sat at supper with Craig, Diane, and the other David. Then upstairs to finally try on my new clothes. They look ok. I definitely look best in a turtleneck (to hide my turtle neck) and I really should buy a white or cream-colored one, all my present ones are dark. Anyway here is my new wardrobe extension.

Casual white trousers. Not great, and pants need to be ironed.IMG_3871

Brownish trousers. OK look. They also need ironing. Surprised Jacquie’s didn’t press them before delivery.


Brown trou. with cream-colored shirt. Definitely need a cream or ivory turtleneck.


Blue-gray trousers, open button. Definitely the best combo. The jacket fits fine buttoned, but it still looks better this way.





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