Day 238, slow Sunday

Sunday, 7/28/2019

Doing this entry rather late on Monday — the first time I’ve let a blog post slip so far.

Sunday morning I had coffee and read the paper at Verve, which I was surprised to find opened at 6AM. I got there at 7:15. Pleasant enough, although the inside seating, which looks very comfortable, is somewhat spoiled by just-too-loud music. Outside seating has plenty of sitting space in the form of benches, and is shaded from morning glare, but lacks tables.

On the way back, around 8am, I looked for the Sunday Farmer’s Market. I found the right parking lot, clearly marked as reserved for Farmer’s Market, but it was completely empty. Not a sign of a farm stand being set up. What time does it start? I’d think there would be people setting up an hour ahead, so maybe it doesn’t open until after 9am?

At noon I had been invited to lunch by Ann. I was a little uncertain when I accepted, what I was accepting for. Was this to be a tete-a-tete, and if so, was I to be propositioned? I’ve had more than one person tell me with great certainty that live males in a retirement community will be very popular, nudge-nudge,  with the women who outnumber them. This always from people who are too young for a retirement community, not from any actual retirees.

So far I’d encountered nothing of the kind. OK, here’s a fact: since this blog is public, I’ll say right now, that if anything even minutely romantic happens, it will not show up here! But in this case, it turned out that Ann had very kindly set up a luncheon to let me get to know her, Marian, Robin, Ed (whom I’d dined with before) and Dirk. And very pleasant it was.

In the evening I finished watching a movie on Amazon Prime. I had been interested in the actress Melanie Stone since she starred in a commercial for a product I was writing about, Keto Chow. I watched her first feature appearance, Mythica: A Quest for Heros. It wasn’t bad, and she did as well as the rather disjointed script would allow her to do.

After that, I noticed Amazon suggesting a free movie, one of the Rifftrax series. These are really bad, cheesy movies with sarcastic voice-overs by two guys. This one was really funny. Normally “funny” TV gets a smile from me; this one had me laughing out loud at least twice. And so to bed.


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