Day 229, tree guy, shopping, painting, I suck at games

Friday, 7/19/2019

Went for a run. Felt fine. Didn’t have time to end the run with a stop at a coffee shop because I had to be at Tasso street before 10am. Which I was. Looking inside, it seems only the most basic prep work has been done. Plastic drop clothes taped down to the floors and over wood not to be painted. A start made at removing the wallpaper in the kitchen, and kitchen cabinet doors removed.

The tree guy,

Diego, took my notes and wrote up an estimate. To keep the oak branches off the roof, he recommended removing one large branch entirely. This is a branch about 12 inches in diameter at the big end and stretching easily 50 feet out over the house to the garage. However he pointed out there are plenty of big branches above it and the tree would look more balanced with it gone.

Since the tree is shared with next door, I went next door and got Jean, the lady of the house to come out and consult. She agreed to removing the big branch. She also dropped the small bombshell that they may be moving out and selling, too. They have bought a larger house deeper into Old Palo Alto, at Tennyson and Webster. Holy crap that must have cost them a bundle! She’s not sure what they will do with this house, but she was interested in meeting “your realtor”, so an opportunity for Chuck.

There’s a scheduling problem, however: the tree company doesn’t have any open slots for this 2-day job until mid-August, by when I sincerely hope the house will be sold. Possibly they can get me one day sooner, we’ll see.

I spent some time composing two long texts to Chuck detailing these items. Then I drove down to


where I can buy my antacid Ranitidine (generic Zantac) cheaper. Target’s pharmacy is a CVS outlet, but everything there costs half what it does at CVS on University Avenue.

I also bought a bathmat. I’ve been wanting something to step on getting out of the shower; I’d been using a small hand towel which seems tacky as well as not very effective. I picked a cheapish one in a light beige which, when I got it back and dropped it on the floor, proved to be a perfect match to the color of the bathroom floor tile. Yay me.

From there I drove to Nordstrom’s in Stanford Shopping Center. I’m determined to get myself a

new blazer

and one or two pairs of “nice” pants. What I learned from trying on several blazers is that my size is 42 Short. Size 42 is just right to enclose my thorax and the sleeve length is right, but the hem hangs down below my butt cheeks and looks wrong. So, 42S would probably be perfect. I could be sure of that if Nordstrom had had any 42S blazers in stock, but they didn’t.

The only thing left on my to-do list for day was laundry, so I headed back to do that. I talked briefly to Craig in the hall about the puzzle of what’s happened to my Dean Linsky

oil painting

of Yosemite Valley. Just after moving in, it was hung opposite the 6th floor lounge. Since, several people have commented on it favorably. A week ago, when Angela inventoried my room in the pre-move planning, we discussed the painting and I thought had agreed it would be moved into my temporary quarters when I moved.

Two days ago I noticed it was not on the wall any more, along with quite a bit of other art, so I queried Angela, stopping in at her office in the basement. She disclaimed any knowledge, “We haven’t started moving any art; see your floor rep, Mister Allen must have moved it.”

I bumped into Craig in the hall yesterday and he assured me in rather vague terms, that the painting had been stored in a safe place. He didn’t say where. I emailed Angela to say this, and she responded rather firmly that since she didn’t know anything about it, the painting was not Channing House’s responsibility.

Tonight I ate dinner with Craig, Diane and Patti, and afterward got clarification from Craig. When he said the art was safe, he was not speaking from his own knowledge, he was just reassuring me of his confidence that the move process would be done right. He doesn’t have any personal knowledge of where the art has gone. So it wasn’t Angela’s crew it must have been Gentle Transitions? I will take this up with Angela Monday.

Meanwhile I tried a new

computer game.

I’d like to have a really deep, absorbing game to play, maybe for a couple of hours a day off and on. The one I’m trying is called The Long Dark, and by all accounts it is very deep in the sense of needing many, many hours to play through to any conclusion, and to have a vast terrain for the player to explore. Just the ticket, right? So I bought it when it was on sale at Steam (the online gaming store) and I had browsed a couple of tutorials so I knew the general objectives (don’t freeze to death or be eaten by wolves) and game play (wander through a post-apocalyptic frozen waste, searching for the things that will keep you warm and defended from wolves). Now I fired it up and tried it.

And failed utterly. This is really kind of funny. The game opens with you in a small office with a window opening onto a hangar in which a seaplane is visible. It’s cold and your first objective in this ultra-beginner tutorial phase, is to light a fire. Well, I managed that. I found the matches on the desk. I found some firewood. I found some newsprint. Now I had what the game requires so I could click on a little stove and say “Light Fire” and oh boy, a fire started, casting nice bars of orange light and warming my player character up. Freezing avoided. Next objective, “Explore the Hangar”. To do that, all you have to do is open the door from the office to the hangar. But it won’t open.

In the course of all this I was somewhat distressed by the slow, laggy response of the game to my mouse moves. When I got my monster 27in iMac I expected its graphics and CPU would be up to serious game play. So I’d started the game at full screen, 5000+pixel width image and all graphics options to High. But it was clearly struggling at those settings. So I cut the game back to a 3000×2000 window and reduced all the options (textures, shadows, etc) to Medium. Much better. Now I could get around the office smoothly and I looked at everything. Picked up everything pick-uppable. No kind of key or anything else that might work to open the office door.

I can’t get out of the first location in the game! This is so basic, that I looked at two different walk-through tutorials and they don’t even mention opening the office door as any kind of challenge. They just say, “now explore the hangar, look for this, that, etc.” But I can’t! I feel like such a flop. I suck at games. (Looking at another walkthrough video, I don’t think I want to play Long Dark anyway. But I should be able to get to the second step of the tutorial. Geez.)




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