Day 227, not much

Wednesday, 7/17/2019

When I don’t do a blog post at night before going to bed, I have to do it, as now, first thing in the morning. Even then I struggle: what the heck did I do yesterday? All that shows on my calendar is a normal stint at FOPAL. I went for a run; then I somehow whiled away two hours. I drove to FOPAL about 11am and worked there until 3:30pm. Came home quite tired, well that’s no surprise, after being on my feet, schlepping boxes of books, for more than four hours. Had a nap, went to supper, sitting with Rosina and Billie and Ed.

Watched some TV, went to bed. I’m pretty sure there was something else in there. Maybe it will come back to me.

Oh, right. A bit of grief. During the morning, looking at various internet sites, I saw an article on the use of an AI to restore old photographs. Which reminded me of a website I used to spend some time at, where amateurs shared their efforts at restoring old photos, around 2005 or so. I got a lot of pointers from it while restoring old pictures from an album of my own. But what was its URL? I’m pretty sure it was “restorationpro…something”. No such URL exists now.

Well, maybe at some time I saved a bookmark for it? I hardly ever look into my saved bookmarks any more, but when I went to Safari’s Edit Bookmarks menu, there they were, a couple of generations of them, imported at different times. I spent half an hour going through and deleting all the ones I’m no longer interested in, or that don’t exist any more.

Toward the bottom was a set of Marian’s bookmarks, imported into some browser sometime, and somehow imported by me and then carried along through generations of browsers. So I looked through and there were the links to all her enthusiasms, knitting sites, videos on how to quilt, various online retailers she liked to browse, and a nice collection of reference sites for projects she’d worked on. I got pretty teary-eyed seeing those. It really hurt.

Didn’t find the photo restoration site, either.

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