Day 215, run, Warhol

Friday, 7/5/2019

Breakfast in my room off a bottle of Saturo and a cheese stick. Out at 7:30 for a run which went very well, thank goodness. Felt normal.

On this unscheduled day I decided I would finally get up to SFMOMA for the Warhol exhibit. There was a train at 10:23 that I couldn’t make, but on at 10:47 looked doable. Unfortunately I have never actually checked the distance from C.H. to the CalTrain station. I left just a little too late, and walked up to the station a minute after the train left. So now I had an hour to kill, which I did reading a book on Kindle on the phone.

In S.F. I walked the half mile from 4th and Townsend to SFMOMA. The museum was jumping, at least 20 people in line to buy tickets. I wonder if it was busy at the Computer Museum too, on this post-holiday Friday?

I’ve nothing much to say about Warhol. It was interesting to survey his career and different interests and subjects, but his work doesn’t move me. I also looked at another floor of SFMOMA that I didn’t get to last time, Day 44.

I took a Lyft back to the station where I forgot to badge-in with my Clipper card. So on the train home, the conductor lady came around and had to give me a ticket. It’s a $75 ticket, too. She helpfully pointed out it is easy to protest it. Just say you waved your card at the reader and it didn’t read, she suggested. Something to do on Monday.

I walked from the station back to C.H. and want it on record that I had 16,285 steps (7.4mi) for the day. However it is a good thing that I didn’t try to take a Lyft for that last half-mile, because Lyft had sent me an email complaining that my card had been refused for the preceding ride. Huh?

That’s my Hyatt card, which I use for most online accounts, to protect the Chase Sapphire card from online exposure. Anyway, why was it refused? I went online to check and — oh! I had maxed it out paying for my Road Scholar Greek Islands tour. So it was at its credit limit. I was going to schedule a payment next week. In the meantime I shifted the Lyft account to use another card.

Now I realize I had meant to go down and watch the last half of The Music Man, scheduled for 7pm tonight in the auditorium, and I got to futzing with the computer and forgot all about it. Pih.


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