Day 213, FOPAL

Wednesday, 7/3/2019

Started a run about 7:30 but my body just didn’t want to do it. Not short of breath, just general lack of energy and stiffness. I’m always on the lookout for symptoms that would indicate my replacement aortic valve is breaking down, so this was a concern. I cut the excursion short, walked mostly for 1.5 miles. My late sister’s husband Wes used say he “felt few”, meaning sickly, sub-par. So I felt “few” for a couple of hours, but felt back to normal by noon.

Drove to Woodside for my haircut with Chris. Bought some fruit there, including a punnet of Blenheim apricots. And walked away from it when I left. Damn.

Went on down to FOPAL to work the computer section and do some sorting. Although I felt normally strong, after 3.5 hours of schlepping books around my back was hurting, and I left a little early.

When I got back to C.H. the little electronic gizmo on the dash that lets me into the garage didn’t work. Maybe it was cooked by being in the sun for a few hours? Whatever, I parked on the street and went to turn it in at the front desk. An hour later, the desk person called to say that a new dongle was ready for me. So I moved the car into the garage.

Waiting for me in the mail area was my shipment of Saturo. I decided a couple of days ago that I was tired of not being able to get breakfast as early as I want, on the days I want to get going. So I ordered a couple of packs of Saturo, the ready-to-drink meal replacement that tasted best to me when I was reviewing such products last year. I had meant not to do this until one of two companies that have promised ready-to-drink Keto meal replacements made good on the promise, sometime in the fall. But I want the simple logistic now, of having an easy, instant, 350 calories of balanced nutrition in the fridge whenever I want it.

I started out eating alone at supper, but sat at a table for four, not one of the little two-person booths on the edge. So Al came and sat with me, so I put away my phone (reading on the kindle while eating) and made conversation. Which was good.

Tomorrow, the 4th, is going to be a holiday for me, too. Quiet and relaxing is the plan.


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