Day 211, book, museum, dinner

Monday, 7/1/2019

Began the day with a run. There was nothing more on the calendar until noon, when a person from facilities had made a date to take some kind of inventory of my Comcast equipment in preparation for the move.

I spent a couple of hours, then, on a light edit of my book, To Thrive Beyond Belief. I had declared it complete just a year ago. At supper with Betsy Young the other night, she had mentioned it: she’d googled me and knew the name of the prior book. Another guest, Bob, had expressed interest in it. He and Betsy said, can you put a copy in the library here?

I was a bit embarrassed to have to say no, the current version was an online e-text only. I investigated later and there are several ways to create bound copies of the book, and I think I’d like to do that. But before I do, it needs one more edit. I’m finding a number of minor typos and less-than-clear sentences. So there will be another version and I’ve started on it. This is one of the back-burner projects that I set aside last year when Marian got ill, and it is a pleasure to return to it. Writing and editing are really satisfying for me.

Right at 12, the facilities guy knocked on the door. All he ended up doing was to note the modem and DVR and put his own barcode label on each. It’s not clear to me why these need to be treated separately from my other furniture, but whatever.

At 2pm I started for the museum where I had signed up along with five other docents, to provide gallery support (which means, standing around in the exhibit area and answering questions) to a group of 120 students from a Stanford summer course. The students arrived with a scavenger hunt, a sheet of 20 rather vague riddle-like clues to objects they were supposed to find. So we gave them hints, when we could figure out the allusive clues ourselves.

Returning to C.H. on the freeway I thought I would stay on until the University Avenue exit. This proved to be a mistake. Apparently a lot of people want to exit to East Palo Alto at 5pm, and I spent about ten minutes in standing traffic before reaching the exit. Once on the exit, there was a clear lane for University Avenue west; all the traffic was going east. Note to self, in future take Embarcadero road and Middlefield.

I’d been invited by Patti and other sixth floorians to supper at 6, and barely made it. Pleasant conversation about C.H. politics and national politics. I’m living in a building full of raging liberals! Thank goodness!

In the middle of the day I’d had email from the new volunteer manager saying that they needed coverage for a tour of senior citizens tomorrow. The slot was still open after supper, so I took it. I can squeeze in a tour before I have to be back here for a meeting at three.

Late in the day I got an email from Chuck with and attached PDF of the cancellation paper we had been expecting the Lawyer Lady to sign. Thinking this was it, I texted him to ask, should I print, sign, scan and return it? Um, no, that’s the unsigned form. Wait until we get the actual one signed by her. Which we haven’t. This was just him, forwarding to me, the email from her agent, in which her agent said, Chuck, here is the form I sent Daphne to sign. I’ll let you know when she does.

Stranger and stranger. If it wasn’t for the fact that L.L. is in fact an attorney, I’d be asking, have we any legal recourse? Can we threaten to take her deposit? But you know, I don’t think I want to get into a legal pissing contest with a partner in a law firm.


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