Day 207, Shustek, Tasso

Thursday, 6/27/2019

I drove to Shustek for a day of photographing artifacts and then, when the “ready to pack” shelves were full so we couldn’t place any more photographed items, Sherman and I turned to packing.

Deborah was to do some pricing and setup for the sale this afternoon. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to work Chuck’s lockbox. She called me, then she called Chuck, and found out the changed combination, so all was well.

I stopped by Tasso on the way home, but she’d already left. I chatted briefly with neighbors across the street. Former neighbors, I guess.

Back at C.H., while getting my mail before supper I was accosted by Betsy, who has the job of introducing new members at the members meeting, one of which happens next week. So she invited me to dinner with her and her husband tomorrow to get some material for introducing me.

Before bedtime Deborah texted wanting me to meet with a possible washing machine buyer tomorrow. I’m doing a docent tour at noon, but we managed to settle on 2pm for that. So tomorrow has: tour at noon, washing machine looker at 2, dinner at 5:45, and I’m going to a play at 8pm. Checked the map. From my new home, I’m just 0.6 mile from Lucy Stern center where the play is, an easy walk.

Big day, better get some rest.

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