Day 186, Yosemite, realty

Thursday, 6/6/2019

Buzzed over to Yosemite for a day of museum work. Sherman and I did photography, and ran out of work to do about 2:45. While chatting in the lobby I got a text from Chuck. Two texts, actually, and an email. He was excited because he was actually on the way to a weekend trip to the Russian River, and nearly out of cellphone service, when he received the signed counter-offer from the agent for Lawyer Lady. She has accepted our price, and wants only extra time to complete inspections.

All I needed to do is print the document, sign it, scan it, and send the scan to Chuck’s office for it to be forwarded to the other agent. I headed home to do that, and had the PDF on the way before 4:30. The L.L. has nine days to find some problem and cancel the deal, but otherwise, the house is sold.

For the last several days, well, weeks really, I’ve been in short-timer mode. Bought toilet paper Tuesday and actually thought, last time I’ll every buy T.P. again. Tonight it was, I’ll only haul these garbage cans to the curb one more time ever. And so on.


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