Day 153, Docenting

Well, that didn’t work out at all. I had planned to attend a concert at Dinkelspiel. This was an event I’d learned about from emails on the CH mailing list, promoted by a resident who is associated with the chamber group that would be performing. Fortunately (as it turned out) I didn’t buy a ticket in advance. It was only going to be $13 at the door, which seemed quite cheap compared to the $50+ for the Stanford Jazz Festival tickets I booked two weeks ago, so why not.

I left home at 7pm, and if things had worked they way they used to work, I’d have been sitting down in the hall well before start time. I got to the entrance to the nearest parking lot at 7:10. Times past, I’d have parked in a minute or so. I began circling, no space, several other cars circling. Went to the next further parking lot and circled. Now it was 7:20 and there was just nowhere to park. I knew that the next nearer parking was several blocks away; if I parked there I wouldn’t make it to the door in time to buy a ticket. Well, darn. I drove home.

I have no idea whether Friday nights are special, or maybe there were multiple things happening around that part of campus? Anyway, in July and August I will make it a point to arrive early. Or take a Lyft, one.

Saturday, 5/4/2019

Passed the morning deliberately not doing anything productive. Well, had an email from Harriet, passing on a document from Steve P, proposing a revival of the old Fast Break Club. Steve doesn’t live in the area now, but has been a SWBB fan for a long time, and for the last several years has been trying to promote a revival of the FBC. I read his document and don’t see anything new or workable, but we’ll see. Proposed meeting Harriet for coffee on Monday to talk it over.

Harriet is apparently planning a trip to Norway, and asked about my and Marian’s visit to Norway back in 2014. That prompted me to open up the old blog and I ended up reading the whole thing. A pleasant hour there.

Also had a friendly “how are you” email from neighbor Dan. Nice.

Put on my docent clothes (official red shirt, chino pants) and went to the museum. Led the 12:00 tour, about 17 people, went well. Afterward, talking to two other docents and they talked about how this is the weekend of Open Studios, when artists all around the area put up signs and invite people to stop in. Mike said that rather than driving around his neighborhood, he likes to go to Hunters Point where there are a bunch of artists in a single building. That sounds like a neat idea.

Bought a few groceries on the way home. Quiet afternoon.

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