Day 146, hazardous waste, docent,

Saturday, 4/27/2019

If the tentative schedule holds, exactly three weeks from today I will be moving into my unit at CH.

Took a leisurely start as usual on Saturdays, but at 9am arrived at the Palo Alto Utilities’ Household Hazardous Waste site. This is open Saturdays 9-11. I’ve been putting aside all the paint, bug spray, and other chemicals as I went through the garage, and now took three boxes of cans and bottles in the back of the Prius. They check your i.d. as a resident, take the containers out of the back of the car, say thank you, and off you go. Feeling morally and physically cleaner.

At home, I made copies of the five different forms that I’d filled out for Chuck, various disclaimers and disclosures and advisories one must sign to sell property. One, a detailed four-page questionnaire disclosing just about every possible thing that might affect the value of a property, was almost as much work to prepare as income tax. My first attempt had me trying to put explanatory notes in tiny little spaces provided. Then I got another copy and put the notes on a separate sheet. Anyway, done now. I put the originals in an envelope for Chuck to pick up next time he stops by, and my copies in a new Penda-Flex for the sale of the property.

Then, remembering that Chuck said he might bring a prospect to view the house Sunday, I tidied the shit out of things, made all ship-shape. While doing this, Chuck stopped by briefly and took the forms, saying he would probably bring someone to see the house tomorrow.

I changed to my docent uniform and went to the museum to lead a tour. A quiet Saturday, only eight in the group. Drove on home stopping to pick up a couple of food items, including some deli take-out for supper. Set out the foam mattress and waited for the junk guys to come by. Which took a while, but eventually two friendly dudes in a white truck came and took away the foam mattress. Another thing off my mind.

Tonight is “fireworks night” at the Sunken Diamond and I just don’t feel like going, sitting out in the chill — it has gotten chilly — through all nine innings to see fireworks. So, staying home and catching up on the DVR backlog. Amazing Race, Midsomer Murders, yeah.


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