Day 115, glasses, FOPAL, burger

Wednesday, 3/27/2019

Started with a run, 37 minutes, felt fine. I’m sure I did something for the next two hours, but don’t remember what. At noon I set out to take care of a thing that had been bugging me for three months. For all that time, two pairs of Marian’s glasses have been lying in their cases on a bedroom dresser. I’d see them, think, “trash them”, then “no, donate them”, then “but where?” and then “deal with it later”. Over and over for 100-odd days now.

Well, yesterday I finally got around to an internet search for where to donate used eyeglasses. Everybody knows the Lions Club has that as their special charity, but it turns out they don’t have any local drop-off points. Further searching reveals all LensCrafters stores accept glasses for their OneSight program. And I know where there’s a LensCrafters. So I drove to Menlo Park and dropped off the glasses. Done.

From there I went to FOPAL and did 3+ hours of sorting. That’s damn hard work. I counted; I moved about 35 bankers-boxes of books from sorting to the sales room. I didn’t count the books I handled, but it was a lot. Per the Health app I walked 4.7 miles, 12,000 steps yesterday. A bit less than half of that would have been my run, but a lot was going around and around the sorting and sales rooms with boxes and cart-loads of books.

They really handle an amazing quantity of books. One cheerful donor yesterday brought in 25 boxes, which pretty much wiped out the gains we sorters had made in the hour previous. The donations vary immensely. Some people drop off boxes with mostly recent hard-covers. Or a box will have somebody’s accumulation of years of computer reference books (Windows XP Secrets, How to use MS-DOS, etc.). Yesterday there were a couple of boxes of very old paperbacks, many with cover prices of 50 cents and 75 cents. That keeps the sorting process interesting; you never know what the next box will have.

At 4:30 I left, stopping to buy a few grocery items. I decided to go and eat out for a change. Specifically, I decided, a burger and a beer. I went to Kirk’s Steakburgers in the Town and Country shopping center, but when I walked in, their drinks fridge had no beer. “Yeah, we ran out,” the counter person said. Well, a beer was an integral part of my plan so, feeling distinctly curmudgeonly, I turned around and left. Now what? Ah! I drove back to California Avenue and (with difficulty) found a parking place, and went to The Counter, where in fact I sat at the counter and had a beer and a burger.

When I got home I was quite tired; watched a little TV and went to bed at 9:30, and slept until 6, so that was good.

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