Day 111, basketball

Saturday, 3/23/2019

In the morning I started reviewing

one more group of slides.

Two days ago I scanned the last ones that I had set aside in the review of all un-scanned groups. Finishing that, and feeling quite emotional about the looming prospect of carrying out the dumping of all slides, I took a last look through the existing folders of scans. There I discovered that one group, group “501 Japan 2002”, 250-odd slides from a memorable ElderHostel tour of Osaka and Tokyo, had only a few scanned images, and they weren’t properly named with the group and picture numbers. Clearly that group had not been as carefully reviewed and scanned as other major trips. I speculate the few images in it were perhaps selected quickly to illustrate a blog post or something. I don’t remember the thought process applied back in 2003 or 4, but the existence of a folder named “gp501 Japan” suggested that the group had been done, and clearly it had not.

So I started to inspect the group 501 slides and got through 30 or so, selecting a few to be scanned. I’ll finish that tomorrow and probably have all the actual scanning done next week.

I took one more whack at trying to get

the sound bar

to accept input from the HDMI and the optical ports on the TV, but nope. The optical just doesn’t work, and I’ve tried two different optical cables. The HDMI works, but only if I feed the DVR cable into the sound bar and thence on to the TV, so the sound bar sits in the middle. That would be fine if the DVR was the only program source, but there is also a DVD/Blu-ray Player; and I anticipate adding a Roku box. So all sources have to feed into the TV so I can select among them with a remote; and TV audio out to the sound bar. What works is to feed the sound bar with the TV’s analog output. Stereo audio on a mini-jack, so primitive. Actually it sounds fine.

Meanwhile I pulled out all five speakers and the heavy receiver, and made a pile of them with the receiver’s remote and manual, in the spare room. Probably will end up in a landfill. Well, no; it’s too bulky; I’ll have to take it to Green Citizen or such for recycling. Which brought me to noon and time for


the NCAA first round games at Maples Pavilion. I bought my tickets the only way I could, from Stanford’s website as soon as they were available, and the best I could get was front row of the upper level. At the game I found several friends and fellow season-ticket holders sitting in much better seats in lower levels. I think probably that when I was cleaning up all Marian’s email subscriptions, I un-subscribed to the season ticket holder list, with the result that I didn’t get notified of a better way to buy.

Then Dennis, who was on campus to see a water polo game earlier, texted that he was in the building, and I found him in a very nice seat in the middle where the chairs have padding and back support. How did he get that nice seat? He just walked up to the ticket window before game time and said, gimme what you got. Umph.

BYU beat Auburn fairly easily. Stanford romped over UC Davis, opening the game with a 17-2 run and ending 30 points up. The next game will be Monday evening. I expect Stanford will beat the BYU team I saw today, although not as easily as UC Davis.

Home again, I opened the windows to spring-like air. Now at 7:30 it is beginning to feel chilly.

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