Day 102, cataloging at Shustek

Went to Armadillo Willy’s for a big plate of pulled pork and a beer.

Thursday, 3/14/2019

Took the IBM songbook and went to the Museum’s Shustek documentation center in Fremont. Chris, one of the curators, was there and immediately recognized the songbook but thought we already had one. A search of the catalog showed we did, but not the 1931 edition. Then he noticed what I had not: on the top of the flyleaf in pencil was one of the Museum’s accession numbers. This same book had at one time been cataloged in the collection! A search on that number turned up the fact that some prior curator had deemed it inessential and returned it to its donor. Chris thought probably it should go back into the collection.

I worked with Toni to catalog a bunch of stuff of no great interest. The most interesting was parts of a 1989 attempt at a pen computer with software based on MS-DOS.

Looking up at the intense green of the hills behind Fremont I thought again of taking a scenic drive in them before the green fades. Then thought about how the idea of a solo scenic drive is so very much less appealing than the thought of a scenic drive shared with someone else. Why? The scenery is the same! The eyes looking at it are the same!

Think about that.

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