Day 99, Home again

Monday, 3/11/2019

Up, dressed, brushed my teeth, out the back door of the Excalibur — avoiding yet another trek through the blinking noisy neon jungle of the casino floor — and a Lyft to the airport. At the entrance to the security gate a TSA woman was telling people to wait, “security is full except for pre-check”. But I have pre-check, so whizzed on up the stairs. There I found the regular security line backed up, a couple hundred people probably in a 5-fold snake, but only me and one other guy in the pre-check line and I was through in 30 seconds. Recent flights I’d been noticing the pre-check line was getting crowded, but not here. I guess most people who go to Vegas for a weekend, don’t travel enough to go through the pre-check registration rigmarole.

Routine flight home, but I noticed that miles of jumbled hills from I-5 west to the Bay were brilliant Irish green from a wet rainy season. I’ve noticed this wilderness before, hundreds of square miles, mostly roadless, that lies between US 101 on the west and I-5 on the east. But usually from the air it is mostly yellow with dry grass. Right now it is lush. If I was still a bike rider, I’d be planning a ride to Mt. Hamilton. Now I’m thinking, some kind of a weekend drive, in the next month before the green begins to fade. Down SR 25, maybe.

Once home I did a few useful things. I got out Marian’s jewelry box and the envelope of old receipts that show provenance. Tomorrow Suzanne’s friend Louise is going to come and practice appraisals on it. Then I paid a bill, filled out a survey questionnaire from the hospice company (all positive, they were great), and put in an hour filling out the tax accountant’s online workbook. Another couple of hours, probably, to finish the taxes.

A hobby I’ve had the last couple of years is doing video reviews of modern meal replacements. That’s going to end pretty soon, because when I move to an ILF, with all meals provided, I won’t have a reason to use these products. Right now I’m getting half of my calories from them. Recently I took delivery of a new one. It’s chocolate flavored, so I ordered bags of chocolate from two other, more established vendors. The second of those just came in today’s mail. So I shot stills and close-up video of the process of mixing a shake for each of these three. I put the shakes in the fridge to mature (they’re always better after chilling overnight). Tomorrow I’ll shoot myself doing a taste comparison.

I should have spent a couple hours scanning slides but I really wanted a nap, so I did that and then frittered away the time to supper on the computer.



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