Day 79, game and geek stuff

Sunday, 2/17/2019

Yesterday I was so busy describing my busy Saturday that I forgot to mention, I also did three loads of laundry in between all the other stuff. Go, me. Today in domesticity, I changed the bed linens and washed them.

After reading the paper at the coffee shop, I completed scanning some old pictures that I promised to do for Jean. I like doing this; I use Photoshop to optimize and restore these faded old prints and it is a satisfying activity. I copied all the scans onto a thumb drive to take to her this afternoon.

Then I reviewed a few more groups of slides. The end of that activity is in sight. Then there’ll be maybe 200 cherry-picked slides to scan. That’ll be my background task for the next couple of weeks, I suppose.

At noon I sat down to listen to a SWBB game, streamed from USC. It was an agonizing game. Stanford trailed for 38 of the 40 minutes, turning the ball over a bunch of times, barely staying in the game thanks to offensive rebounds. They took their first lead with three or four minutes to play, were tied with a few seconds left, and won the game with a layup with three seconds left.

A week ago Diane, a long-time friend of Jean, emailed asking if I could help her get the data off the hard drive in a very old Mac, a 2002-era Power Mac G4. The old machine couldn’t be booted any more because she had no external monitor or keyboard for it. I said we could take the drive out of the old chassis and maybe mount it in an external drive enclosure, and plug that into something current. So this afternoon we tried that. I brought an external drive enclosure I had around, and Jean brought an old one from her late husband’s collection of hardware.

It was easy to remove the drive from the old chassis. Unfortunately it turned out to be an IDE drive, and both the enclosures, although old, were for SATA connectors. hdd-sata-ideI’m not sure what she can do. She’s going to ask the guys as We Fix Macs. I’m not sure they’ll be able to do anything.

Jean copied the scanned pics, and the three of us, at Jean’s suggestion, walked to a nearby pizza place for supper. Jean, Marian’s 90-year-old sister, leading the way.


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