Day 77, lunch and a game with friends

Friday, 2/15/2019

Spent the morning going through more groups of slides, still averaging about 1 in 50 to scan for permanent storage. I can understand why we took most of them: to document a moment or a place, or to try to capture something striking or beautiful, scenery or a flower or such. I can understand why we took the trouble to cull the slides and arrange them as a show, and project that once or twice for relatives or friends.

It is harder, now, to understand how we thought there was any point to cataloging and filing them for an indefinite future. It was just the spirit of the collector, I guess. OK, take Pioneer Day. In the 80s we bought a house for my parents to live in, in Paso Robles, near my sister. We often visited Paso Robles, and in particular in ’92 and ’93 we attended the Pioneer Day parade, when Paso Roblians parade their horses, cars, marching bands and old farm equipment down main street. OK, we shot 10 or 20 pics of the parade and us and our relatives each time. But when did we imagine we’d ever go back and look at them again, ten or twenty years along? I certainly don’t care now about some antique farm tractor, or some high school marching band, in Paso Robles 25 years ago.

Went to lunch with Scott and Bob Johansen (sp?). I didn’t known Bob well at IBM, and he I think didn’t remember me at all, but we had a pleasant lunch anyway.

At 5 I went around to basketball fan friend Harriet’s house where I watched Stanford vs. UCLA along with her and two friends of hers, and had a very nice dinner.


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