Day 69, Yosemite day

The play, American Night, the Ballad of Juan Jose, is a wild satirical farce, the fevered dream of a Mexican immigrant who’s been studying too hard for his U.S. citizenship exam. Toward the end I realized what it had been reminding me of: the old S.F. Mime Troupe (which to my surprise is still a going concern). It had the kind of wacky political farce I remember from watching the Mime Troupe in the 60s. It got a little weak in the final scenes, when Juan Jose and a couple of others are on stage, but other members of the ensemble are out in the audience shouting Trump/Tea Party slogans at him. “Send them back along with their anchor babies” and the like. The actors on stage did not have good responses to this kind of unfair but emotive heckling. Anyway, it was well done and fun to see.

Thursday, 2/7/2019

Not much to say. Drove to Yosemite warehouse for a day of work arranging and archiving old machines. Enjoyed eating lunch with a bunch of friendly people. Home again. Told myself to remember I had tickets for another play, at the Pear Theater, tonight.

And then forgot about it, and here it is 10pm and I didn’t go. Well, shit.

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