Day 66, various mishaps

Monday, 2/4/2019

It rained a lot through the night. But at 8am there was sunshine outside, and looking at the weather radar online, there were only a few green pixels and they seemed to be vanishing. So I went for a run. Just halfway through I noticed a charcoal-colored cloud looming over me, and rain started to fall. I kept jogging along getting wet but after a few blocks I decided to get a Lyft the rest of the way. I sheltered at Philz Coffee and started calling a Lyft. The selected car was several minutes away and not approaching fast, when I noticed the rain was tapering off. So I canceled the Lyft and resumed my run, arriving home wet but fine.

I had scheduled a mobile auto-detailing service to polish the Prius today, but yesterday evening they called to reschedule, citing the weather. So now my morning was open, and I decided to go and give blood. I’d had an email over the weekend saying my type was in short supply, and I was just coming eligible (I gave blood on day 6, so just over 8 weeks). I drove to Menlo Park and went through the very familiar check-in process, but there was a hitch. The last step is to take a drop of blood from a finger and check the red-cell count with a little machine. The machine said 11.9, and the lower limit for donation is 13.9.

This has happened before, several years ago. My doctor wasn’t concerned. I took iron supplements for a few months until at my next checkup, my labs showed normal hematocrit. She advised me to discontinue the iron then, as too much can be a problem.

Well, so I can’t donate blood today, or for the near future. I picked up some iron tabs on the way home. I’ll take one a day until mid-year, when I’ll get a routine physical. Probably my labs will be up then and I can try the donation again.

Back home, I launched into a different programming project and made good progress until late in the afternoon I decided to upgrade one of the libraries I depend on. Bad move. The installation process changed something and the library stopped working at all; and in trying to fix it, I did something else that messed up my whole development setup. Trying to fix that, I keep running into messages about “Your MacOS system is too old and is no longer supported.” I had been avoiding installing the latest OS on this laptop for at least two years (long story), although I had upgraded the other machines around the house. Now the lack of upgrades bites me. Well, I don’t want to go through an OS installation on this machine now, when the replacement laptop arrives Friday. I’ll want to spend time installing things on it, including the very latest OS level. I’ll rebuild my development environment there and proceed on that machine. Or maybe just move to the big iMac which is very up-to-date.

I went out to a restaurant for supper. I’ve got plenty of food at home; I just felt like going out (so there).

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