Day 63, tour and errands

Friday, 2/1/2019

Started the day with my third run of the week. I did a run rather than just a long walk because I didn’t exercise Thursday. Well, apart from four hours of pushing heavy machinery around, and stooping and standing, at Yosemite. Did yesterday’s blog post, then off to the museum to lead the 12pm tour group. Only five people initially, although three more joined on as we went along.

Drove to the credit union and deposited Marian’s life insurance check. Then to the cleaners, and the grocery store. At home, I found I’d received the Vite Ramen that I’d backed on Kickstarter months ago. Should I do a review for my youtube channel? Sure, why not? and I got out the camera and tripod and shot the material, and spent an hour with iMovie to edit it, and there we are.

I’ve been watching a lot of Adam Savage, both online and on his new Mythbusters series, and I’m afraid his hyperkinetic style is rubbing off on me.

Tomorrow is a big day, two ways. Mainly in the morning I get a tour of Webster House, the competition to Channing house. In the afternoon, a Stanford-Cal basketball game at Maples. Whee.



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