Day 48, price of hot water

Friday, 1/18/2018

The Prius has been telling me it “needs maintenance soon” for a few weeks. It doesn’t, but earlier I scheduled it for an oil change today. Drove it to the Toyota place for its 8:30 am appointment, then walked the two miles back. Depending on what time they call that it’s ready, and on how I feel, I will either walk back to retrieve it or take a Lyft.

Meantime I put in an hour at my software project, adding another feature, which went in  and functioned after only a few silly errors that took maybe 20 minutes to fix. Applied some time to another on-going project, starting a list of ILFs that I want to check out and scheduling time to go and do that. I’ll get a good inside look at Channing House on Saturday when I have dinner with Craig. But I want to take casual, outside looks at the some others, and make some notes, in order to decide which ones to request tours of. There are two on El Camino that I can easily eyeball on Sunday morning. I’ll be recording my reactions in this blog, of course.

About 1:30 the water heater guy arrived. After diagnosis, it’s the gas control unit. $415. OK, sure, do it.

Back on Day 38 I mentioned making an inventory of our basketball memorabilia, in particular items related to the San Jose Lasers professional team of 1996-98. Nobody I’ve talked to among the Stanford fans really wants any of it. I mentioned this to Greta, one of the CHM staff, and she suggested History San Jose. Great idea! So I took a few minutes to fill out their item-donation form with the particulars of the best items. Hope they want them.

I did walk back to Toyota, so with some other incidental walking later, I hoofed about 4.5 miles today. After a bit of supper I headed out to Maples to see the Stanford women play UW. It was a nice game, early lead, up by 30 in the third quarter, lots of minutes for the bench players.

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