Day 44, SFMOMAdventure

Referring to yesterday, on consideration $30/day for food is not “generous”; given a restaurant meal for one in this area is always going to push $30, and I expect to eat out at least twice a week, $50/day would be a better average allowance. So that makes the default stay-at-home cost around $32K/year — still $20K less than a typical ILF and up to $50K less than the most expensive.

Monday, 1/14/2019

Over the weekend I’d seen some reference to SFMOMA, San Francisco’s modern art museum, and that reminded me that I hadn’t had a museum or urban experience since Day 11 when I used my brand new Clipper Card and Lyft to go to the deYoung Museum. This day I didn’t want to run because of a leg condition (long story, later), so why not go to MOMA? The weather was threatening but heck, I’ve got an umbrella.

I walked to the CalTrain station in a light sprinkle but it was dry the rest of the day. Took a Lyft the short distance to the museum. Actually got out a block early because traffic on 3rd street was not moving — riding in a Lyft in downtown SF is powerfully reminiscent of riding Lyft in Manhattan a year ago. (And not a pleasant reminiscence.)

I and Marian went to MOMA just once, ohhhh… at least ten years ago I imagine. I was surprised at how very large it is, 6 floors of stuff. I walked the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 4th floors this time. I’ll have to go back to see the rest. Two major galleries were of photography, which tempted me to start taking pictures with the phone. Here’s a wee gallery.

SFMOMA from Yerba Buena Center


Internal staircase
The interior is dramatic
"Student" by Wayne Thibeaud
There were many grade- and middle-school classes around
"Student" by Wayne Thibeaud
I’ve seen Ruth Asawa’s hangings in several museums
"Student" by Wayne Thibeaud
This is “Fire” by Teresita Fernández
"Student" by Wayne Thiebaud
I like Wayne Thiebaud’s works. This is “Student”.
Spiders by Louise Bourgeois
MOMA in Manhattan has only one of Louise Bourgeois’s spiders. Here’s a whole family!
Sorry, didn’t get the artist. I liked the way the words DEATH, MATTERS, PAIN, DOESNT, KNOWS, CARE flipped on and off at random.
Vertical format selfie in front of a horizontal format painting. Oh well.
Yerba Buena Center
Ran up the saturation here.
David Attenborough whisper: “In the early spring, the cranes begin to gather, the younger blue ones respectfully following the mature orange ones…”
Why am I hearing the Macarena in my mind?


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