Day 30: Monday washday

Monday 12/31/2018

Stripped the bed; sorted and started the laundry, then went for a run. On return the bleach load had finished, so had some underwear to put on, yay!

Yesterday I learned that following the UCLA game this coming Sunday, Stanford Women’s Basketball will honor two recently-deceased supporters. One is DeeDee Zaweya, for many years the office manager for the WBB staff office. Last night at dinner at Nancy’s, I learned that DeeDee, while apparently loved by the staff and team, was not particularly popular with at least some fans. I had only very brief encounters with her, so have no opinion.

Anyway, the other person to be honored is Marian! I was asked to supply some photos and answer a couple of questions, which I did. And I emailed Jean and Darlene (Marian’s sister and cousin) suggesting they might like to come to the game, and they quickly replied they would. So now I need to get four seats together. It’s a regular-season game against a popular rival, so I can’t count on there being empty seats near my usual place, as there usually are at pre-season games.

So I drove to the Stanford ticket office on campus, on the chance it might be open, but of course it wasn’t. I’ll have to do that first thing Wednesday.

Finished up the laundry and re-made the bed. I’m a little conflicted about the bed. I’ve been sleeping in my usual spot, on the right side, and the other side of the double bed is unused of course. Not even a pillow. I just pay no attention to that side of the bed, except  to tuck in the sheet on that side. Well, so what? Nothing wrong with that. In my next abode, I’ll probably have a single bed; and this bed will be sold along with the rest of the furniture. Fine.

Did a spot of programming, added some features to the program and fixed one bug (yay me!) I don’t mean to be mysterious; I’ll write about my software projects in more detail sometime.

I’m scheduled to have dinner with long-time friends Bob and Lolly at their retirement place in Berkeley at 5. So I “dressed up” a little. Meaning, I got my sport coat out of the closet and put on slacks instead of jeans. I’m not happy with the fit of any of my slacks. Although my reduced weight means they are a comfortable fit at the waist (instead of suck-in-my-gut-and-button-the-waistband-quick, as they were last year), they have too much fabric in the thigh. There’s a jodhpur-like wideness I don’t like. I suspect they are… mature in style. And the sport coat: only worn for the WBB awards dinner the last few springs. It’s ok but I dunno. Not snappy in any sense.

Dear lord am I actually thinking about buying clothes? I may be! Yuh go into Macy’s Men’s and buy a new belt, and who knows what will happen next!

I’ll write about New Year’s Eve dinner tomorrow.




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