Day 10, Lunch and handyman stuff

Tuesday 11/12/18

Walked to the Y for my little workout. On return, put all the leather cushions back in the couch and chairs. They look great. I might do another round, I have plenty of the goopy stuff. Then I pondered the table-nest project.

For years we’ve had and used a set of three small nesting tables. They are elegant, delicate, Danish Modern perhaps, though a bit of a Japanese curve to the edge of the largest of the three. That one has for a number of years supported a potted plant; the other two went anywhere we wanted a table for the moment.

The project part is, the largest has circular stains where the plant pots got wet, and the others have stains, and their glue joints have dried out and started to separate. Yesterday I used Gorilla Glue to repair the loose joints in two of them. But I mean to sand down and re-stain the top of at least the larger.

That means finding a stain to match the existing color. And, while handling the middle-size one, I realized that it has lost a screw, a rather large 4/20 with a conical head, not your standard item. So I tossed that table in the car and went off to lunch with Scott (Hi Scott!) at Michaels on Shoreline.

Coming out of Michaels, the phone rang. It was Maria at the Neptune Society, informing me that Marian’s cremation had taken place over the weekend, and her ashes were now back at the Neptune office in San Jose. I’d emailed her yesterday saying that we would not be using the family cruise option, but to go ahead with the standard service. She had called to let me know that Marian would be scattered on their next cruise, January third. I’ll receive an official scattering document signed by the boat captain after that. Meantime, the death certificates should be ready sometime this week.

I continued up 101 to Embarcadero and thence to Ace Hardware, my go-to hardware store now that Orchard Supply closed. There I found a stain/urethane paint that looked like it would match, and found a match to the missing screw. Back home I spent a half hour with the orbital sander getting the stains (mostly) out of the top of the bigger table, and coated it with the stain. It’s drying now. We’ll see.

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