Day 4, busy busy

Wednesday, 12/5/18

Went for a run this morning. Then did a lot of fiddly work at the desk. Before describing that, I want to talk about

Vague feeling of malaise

Yesterday I wrote about the sudden, acute grief spasms. This is different. I’ve noticed it off and on since day 2: a slight nervous, stressed-out feeling, as if there were something I should be doing but aren’t, or somewhere I should have gone to but didn’t, or as if I were running late for something important.

But none of that is true. I know when and where I have to be and what I need to do — god knows I have enough TODO lists across the desktop. But my mind knows that something’s not right, and is flogging me for it. Not sure what to do about this; only if it goes on too long I will surely suffer some physical effect of the stress.

OK, back to the

Fiddly work

Called Goodwill, verified that they would accept the wheelchair. It’s almost new, I doubt if it has rolled a mile yet, and cost $500. I suppose I could try to flog it on eBay, but suppose I did sell it for $300-400. Then I’d have the pain of figuring out how to ship such a big unwieldy thing, and getting it shipped. Give it to Goodwill, get a receipt, call it a $400 charitable contribution next tax time.

What else? Called the service number for Marian’s Alaska Air credit card to close the account. Called Wilderness Travel, where we had put ourselves on the wait-list for a solar eclipse cruise in 2019, with a $1000 deposit. Asked to get off list and deposit back. Had to then send them an email saying the same thing. Then: reimbursement will be to the same card we used to pay the deposit. Oops, that card was reissued with new numbers a couple of times since. No problem, they said, the credit card company will work it out.

Wrote to Dennis suggesting a movie for the weekend. Wrote to Darlene & Jessea suggesting lunch. Then began the task of cleaning up the file drawer in Marian’s desk. Pulled out a lot of stuff that is no longer relevant, emptied a number of pendaflex folders into the recycle bin. She had beautifully-organized files on our garden plants, for instance: botanical names, care instructions, etc.

I don’t care, because,


That’s my new watchword with regard to anything related to home maintenance. Dishwasher is old, and washer/drier older, refrigerator older still? ISMISEP. Plants should be fertilized in the spring? ISMISEP.

It’s an acronym for “In six months it’s someone else’s problem”. If I’ve not closed escrow on the sale of the house by June, I’ll be surprised. If ISMISEP is not true, then I’ve decided to stay on, in which case I’ll be spending upwards of $15K on appliances and several times that on a bathroom remodel. Nope. ISMISEP.

Now going to take a nap, then take the wheelchair to Goodwill and some stuff to sister in law Jean.


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