4.149 art

Saturday 04/30/2022

The main thing today was to attend the Shipyard Artists open studio day at Hunter’s Point. I enjoyed this a lot. Here are some pictures I took, just a very few of the interesting things I saw. The lady that sculpted in chicken wire like this,

Also had a couple of life-size dogs and some more political pieces. I liked these pieces which were just explosions of colored wires and plastic bits coming out of picture frames.

This artist starts by putting a yard of chiffon over a stretched canvas, and shapes it and glues it, then paints over it. I said “Oooh it makes me want to touch.” She said, “Yeah, everybody says that.

This artist paints photo-realistic pictures of industrial buildings and abandoned cars, but I was more interested in his absolute wreck of a workbench.

This guy folds pages of printed matter into strips and rolls the strips into huge, tight coils.

That was about it. There was a lecture in the evening. David M. ran the AV, and had some trouble with the audio from a video.

4.148 ebay, meeting

Friday 04/29/2022

Took the walk. Stopped by Ace hardware to buy this and that. Experimented with trying to use silver leaf as chrome. Some time ago I bought a pack of silver leaf to use for pretend chrome on models. It’s this insanely thin metal foil. If there’s a draft, or you breathe on it, it flutters and crumples. You make a pattern with glue (called “size”) on an object. You press the foil on it and it sticks to the glue, then you can use a brush to just brush it away from wherever there wasn’t glue, leaving a metal pattern. So I am trying to figure out how to apply size to just the raised parts, of tiny raised details on a car model. In theory it should be possible to make just the raised bits, like the little hash marks on the T-bird (see a couple days back) covered in shiny foil. Not having much success on scrap parts. Don’t have the right size stuff, haven’t figured out a good technique for transferring size to just the raised bits.

Come 4pm it was time for the A/V committee to convene, which we did. All upcoming events assigned to stalwart volunteers. Outstanding problems discussed. And now I am done with obligations until a docent tour on Sunday. Whee.

3.147 Yosemite, meeting

Thursday 04/28/2022

Tidied the apartment for the cleaning lady, then left for Yosemite, the first time I’ve been to the big CHM warehouse in months. Helped Sherman and Toni to do what the curator Aurora calls, Museum Tetris: moving boxes and artifacts around to different shelves to make more room for other boxes or artifacts.

Left early to be back to CH at 2pm for the important meeting of me and Jerry, with Vanessa the director of IT, and Alonzo, a representative of the A/V vendor that has worked on the A/V systems previously. The purpose was to go over our tentative shopping list for an auditorium upgrade, to hopefully be paid for by the Heritage Circle.

We learned some things, the most shocking of which was from Gerald, the IT staffer, who only that day had been up in the ceiling by our projector and discovered that it was driven by a VGA connection! So it may be a 1080p resolution as I’d thought, but not the best image as VGA is an analog signal.

Vanessa also had us look at a special hardware setup in one of the conference rooms, a hardware extension for Zoom that enhances Zoom Rooms, their video-conferencing system. It had some slick features, but I couldn’t, and still don’t, see the relevancy to the kind of events my committee is concerned with: lectures, concerts, movies and memorials.

3.146 lunch, meetings

Wednesday 04/27/2022

Started with a walk, which felt fine. Put the last coat of pink on the T-bird. I know it’s the last because the spray can ran dry. Tamiya says their cans are good for two normal models, I guess they don’t spray multiple coats? Realizing it was going dry, I held the nozzle to the mouth of a small bottle and ran it out of gas. That got me maybe 1cc of liquid paint in the bottle to use for touch-ups.

Then it was time to go the FOPAL volunteer appreciation lunch. This was pretty boring although nicely organized. At the Mitchell Park Library public room, the same place where the CH Strategic Planning Retreat of a month ago was held. Nice lunch, but not very interesting talks by earnest officials of the library and city government.

Back to CH for a 2pm meeting with Gerald of IT and David G, to investigate problems with Macs and the auditorium equipment. This was where newer Macs like mine could see the projector and use it but after three seconds the screen would go black, or flicker. I demonstrated this for Gerald who got a good look at the problem.

Then off to a meeting with Pam, chair of the events committee, who wanted assurance that showing a movie in the auditorium was an A/V event. And to give advice on the Heritage Circle grant process.

Back to my room and find an email from Gerald, would I download DisplayLink from Synaptics Software and try it. So I did, and back to the auditorium et voila! the problem was fixed and my mac had no more problems running the projector. Nice work, Gerald.

At 5pm Harriet picked me up and we went off to a Softball game at Stanford. Sat with her and Lilly, both SWBB fans, watching Stanford beat UOP. Got very cold in the evening breeze.

One of the old books I put on EBay has sold, but apparently I didn’t mark it US shipping only as the buyer (for $75) is in Norway. Now I have to figure out how to ship it there. Normally we use USPS Media Mail but I don’t know if that works outside the USA. Oh, worra worra.

3.145 busy beaver

Tuesday 04/26/2022

I was busy busy all day, checking things off my list, adding them and checking those off. Very satisfying day of accomplishment and relief at clearing off a lot of little things that had been pending for a while.

Like oiling the coffee table. You remember my mid-century modern wooden coffee table. Here, let me drop the computer and shoot a picture of it.

First off, there were several items on it that had been there for weeks and needed to be properly discarded, or read, or stowed elsewhere, and I did that. Then it was looking very dry and bleached out, so I spent half an hour rubbing it with beeswax polishing stuff. Looks good again, also neat.

At hourly intervals through the day I was spraying the T-bird model with its pink color. Here it is after 5 light coats. Kind of scuffed because it has now been lightly sanded with 1000-grit. Tomorrow it gets a final couple of coats, then it hardens for a few days. Then it gets chrome and decals, then clear-coat.

Is that pink, or what? Looking ahead there are huge challenges. You see that line of little hash marks behind the front wheel? Supposed to be chrome. The kit contains water slide decals for this but I doubt it will look right, to have a decal with little gray slash marks covering that area. But that is jeweler-level work for metal foil. Or the liquid-chrome pen I have, no way are my hands steady enough to paint the tops of those little slash marks.

Emails about meetings, and meetings that had to be re-scheduled. And things that had to be printed in multiple copies in prep. for other meetings. Anyway, there we are.

3.144 model, fopal

Monday 04/25/2022

Went for the standard walk. Like last week, I was “feelin’ it” by the end: feeling like it would be nice to sit on a bench in the last quarter mile.

Got out the 56 T-bird model. Cut all the pieces that need to be body color, off their sprues. Spent an hour going over and sanding off mold marks and making sure everything fits. I’m going to spray the body with the dusky rose I bought, but the dash and top will be white. Off white actually, I’ll use the same eggshell white I put on the VW model. Should be nice. Anyway next job is to wash those parts and clean them with alcohol and then spray them. Maybe tomorrow.

Went down to FOPAL for 2+ hours of sorting and pricing. While I was there, I got a call from the PAMF cardiology department. I’ll see their TAVR expert on May 16th. Sometime before, yet to be scheduled, will be yet another CT with contrast. I pointed out that I had just had an MRI with contrast, and in February a CT with contrast, but the appointment person insisted the doctor would want another covering the whole abdomen and pelvis. That would be the entire road-map for inserting the TAVR, I guess.

After supper there was a concert, a young man with a guitar doing classical stuff. He played well but I didn’t care for the selections so I left early.

3.143 softball, tech

Sunday 04/24/2022

Decided to see some softball today. I’d had the Stanford softball schedule open in a browser tab for a couple of weeks. So I bought tickets for a couple of the few games that remain in their season. Today’s game was at 12; and I wanted to be back for a talk by Lennie at 2pm, so I figured to leave the game early, but still there wasn’t time to walk so I drove. Softball is played in a cute little stadium, like a toy version of Sunken Diamond, which it is right next to. The outfield fences are 210 feet away, where at the baseball yard they are 350-400 feet. The Stanford pitcher got off to a rocky start when the first two Arizona batters homered. But that was the end of the ASU scoring, and Stanford finally won, 4-2. I was not there to see that, having left half way through.

For Lenny’s talk I brought along the T-Loop tester, which arrived yesterday. The T-Loop or Induction loop, is the standard interface for hearing aids in the Auditorium. If your hearing aid is new enough or whatever, I really don’t know, it will pick up the room audio coming out of the T-Loop as some kind of signal. But until now the only way we AV techs could know if that was working, was to ask a hearing aid wearer to tell us.

Bert is sure that once upon a time we had multiple T-loop receivers to hand out to people, and then for a while had one set for test purposes, but all that disappeared during the upgrade and pandemic. So I just said, fuck that, and ordered myself one. It’s just a small plastic box with an on/off/volume knob, and a headphone jack, and a lanyard to hang it around your neck, and a cheap pair of headphones.

So I was interested to hear what I’d get and indeed, the loop seems to be working fine. All sound through microphones or elsewise in the audio system, was clearly reproduced in the headphones. So now we can at least test the loop.

I didn’t feel very strong and was thinking maybe I was having an impact from the booster shot? But that was Friday and I felt ok on Saturday. Anyway, I took like 3 naps today in between other activities. But now it’s evening and I feel fine. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

3.142 quiet saturday

Saturday 04/23/2022

Didn’t do too much. In the morning I drove across the bay to what is as far as I can tell, the only functioning hobby store in the Bay Area, in San Leandro. I wanted to find a car model kit that would justify using the “dusty rose” (kinda pink but cooler) spray paint that I bought to do the 1/16 T-Bird model. Then I found out that as a model kit, that stunk, so I gave it away, so had a can of dusty rose spray and no suitable model. So maybe another T-Bird, or even better, a ’69 Cadillac. Well, I did NOT find one of those but did find a 1/24 scale (the usual size) 59 t-bird which will look fine in dusty rose. Also on impulse bought a 1953 Studebaker kit. Gosh that was a lovely design.

So more modeling in the future.

Printed another picture for the picture rail out front. And that was about it for the day. Was invited to supper with Craig and Diane and Trish.

3.141 booster, party, play

Friday 04/22/2022

Went for the walk in the morning, and it was ok. My ad-hoc half-keto diet plan is working; my weight today is down 5 pounds from the peak of 2 weeks back. It’ll bounce around but I should be able to go back to normal eating (somewhat modified from before, just one fewer snack a day should eliminate that steady creep-creep rise) in a week or so.

At 10:30, an hour ahead of schedule, they called the sixth floor for the scheduled 2nd Booster shot. I wonder if I’ll feel any effects?

At 4 I went up to 11 to help Kass, who was doing A/V for the 4:30pm TGIF party. No severe problems that we couldn’t work around, but it took some fiddling. That whole system is cobbled together and very complicated.

The TGIF party was the first in over 2 years. They used to be a monthly event, arranged by a different floor each time. This was the 9th floor and they did a nice job.

At 8pm I am attending a performance of Steel Magnolias at the Bus Barn. I bought two season tickets, so at the party I circulated around and invited various people to join me. Unfortunately lots of people already had plans for the evening but finally Mary Ann, the only other Washington State product around, said she’d be glad to join me.

…and oops. They had moved the dates of this show due to Covid, and either didn’t tell me or (very likely) I failed to update my calendar. Anyway, no play tonight. I and Mary Ann had a nice drive over to Los Altos and return, period.

3.140 medical, blah

Thursday 04/21/2022

Met with Dr. DiBiase the cardiologist. The MRI of two weeks back has not yet been interpreted. Hmph. Based on my report of moderately more fatigue after benchmark walks, however, and the echo of a month ago which showed increased regurgitation, she said “It’s probably time to take some action.” That would probably be a TAVR but she defers that to the “interventional cardiologist”.

She acknowledged that I had good results with the aortic dissection at Stanford from Dr. Watkins, but she strongly recommended against going back there now. She said there was a nurse’s strike impending, and generally “things aren’t happy over there.” She noted that she had visited their echo lab recently and they were backed up with over 50 echos, in-house ones, waiting to be interpreted.

PAMF has their own interventional cardiology group based out of Sequoia hospital, and I agreed to be referred to them. She told me the name of a doctor but I forget it and she didn’t write it into her after-visit notes. Anyway, I wait to be contacted by them.

Later I went out to buy coffee and some groceries while Wanda tidied my room. Then I completely spaced out and forgot to attend a Strategic Planning meeting at 4pm. Very embarrassed.