Day 276, car, FOPAL, dinner

Wednesday, 9/4/2019

First job this morning was to get the car to Toyota for service by 8. In fact, was a bit early. I wanted a routine minor service, plus balancing the tires in hopes of curing a vibration at freeway speeds, plus an alignment check because for months I’ve been noticing a slight pull to the right.

I dropped off the car; the service writer said “should be ready by lunchtime”. I walked the half-mile back to the shopping center and had a nice nosh at Peet’s coffee. Then walked across the parking lot to FOPAL. Only two boxes of computer books to cull and price, and yet again I found a high-value book, one whose used prices ran from $45 to $85. That’s always fun.

Then I settled in to sort books until Toyota would call me. This is always satisfying work, making order out of chaos.  When I came in there were heaps of children’s toys and the sort boxes for the children’s department were overflowing. I tidied those and moved them to the back table for transport to the children’s department which is in another building.

There were piles of boxes of donated books on the front porch (Why do people ignore where it says “donations accepted 2-4pm every day”, and just stack the books by the door? We welcome the donations, but this is really kind of rude.) and a line of them on the table and a row of shopping bags under the table. I was an hour into it and had just gotten those on and under the table cleared when the “pickup” volunteer arrived. He has a literal pickup truck that he uses to go out and collect large donations from people who can’t come in. In this case his truck had 20 boxes of books, which filled up all the empty spaces in the sorting room.

I kept plugging along, got the boxes in off the front porch, sorted them, sorted some more boxes from the Mountain in the Middle, and it was noon. Finally it was 1pm and I called Toyota. “Looks like it’s ready to go” says the perky lady in the service department. Yeah, thanks for calling me like you said you would. Anyway, now I walked back to Peet’s because I had forgotten I needed to buy coffee for myself, and then back to Toyota, and home.

They had found some misalignment of the right rear wheel, which surprised me, but whatever they did had indeed fixed the pull to the right. It now tracks straight without needing light pressure on the wheel. That’s excellent. They found one wheel 20 grams out of balance. Tomorrow I will drive to Shustek and will find out, traffic permitting, if the vibration at 70mph is gone.

I had been invited to supper by Susan and Harry. They also asked Craig and Diane and we had a nice meal, talking until the servers were closing the dining room doors and pointedly cleaning up around us.