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Thursday 8/27/2020

In the emails this morning: a note from Kim H.R. saying, terribly sorry, I wasn’t aware, and only just learned, that Helen (another resident) was in the process of planning for an 11th floor disinfection procedure to present to the Infection Control committee. So please put your plans for volunteer safety sitters on hold.

If I were still in the corporate world, and was a manager (which I never was, and always swore never to be) who was just putting the final touches on collateral material for the rollout of a new project, and got an email from my boss saying, you know that stuff you’ve been working on so hard? Well funny thing, it turns out that this other department is preparing a very similar project for presentation to the Board next week, so just put all that on the shelf… if that had happened to me in my wage-earning days, I’d have been rather seriously pissed. Editing my resumé pissed. Now, in this environment — I’m relieved. I don’t have to do any more on this project and the several things I meant to do before noon today? I don’t have to do them, and that’s good.

Well, of course all that changed. Turns out Helen is swamped with other things and is happy to let us proceed with our plan. However, said plan will have to be approved by the Infection committee, so we will not be announcing this week.

Marcia and I met and split up the work to be done on two projects. One, preparing updated emergency instructions, to be shared withe Floor Reps at their next meeting, a week from today. Two, preparing various signs or instruction sheets for our 11th floor Safety Sitters program.

I spent a couple hours making a really terse, readable document of “what to do in case of (a) a power outage and (b) a fire.” Tomorrow I will deal with my part of the other project.

During the day my order of a USB-C cable arrived from Amazon. I wanted that because I have a Gamepad controller which I want to use with Vendetta Online. The game doesn’t recognize the controller when connected via BlueTooth so I want to try it when connected by USB. In the evening I spent a couple of hours trying to get the game to work with the gamepad. It kinda does, but isn’t configured right.